Website owners, become CAELT affiliates

CAELT Affiliates ... simple solution + added earnings

If you have a website and your target audience are English language learners, employers, business groups, organizations or professional associations then becoming a CAELT affiliate will provide an added and very easy to implement additional revenue stream for your website.


In its simplest form you add a CAELT banner or CAELT button to your website and make up to 25% revenue on every converted click-through from your website.


If you want to integrate CAELT into your website more fully you can become an online CAELT center and offer the assessments from a page provided by CAELT.


For TEFL teachers and EFL websites you may want to consider becoming a CAELT assessor and offer the CAELTplus assessment from your website as well as assess candidates who take that assessment option. Find out more about becoming an assessor here.