CAELT™ : Become A CAELT Assessor

Qualifications and Requirements

Assessors are used by CAELT for the written and spoken sections of the CAELTplus. Assessors can be located anywhere in the world but must meet certain standards before being accepted to assess the CAELTplus. An assessor must:

  1. Have a TEFL qualification at a minimum of certificate level or...
  2. Have a university degree in TEFL or education
  3. Must have at least three years TEFL teaching experience
  4. Must be a native English speaker or have a Level 6 score in the CAELTplus
  5. Must have access to a computer system with broadband (high-speed) internet connection



CAELT provides an online training course free of charge to successful CAELT Assessor applicants. The training is conducted by one of our senior assessors and can usually be completed in around 12 hours of online and off-line study time.


An Assessor's Duties

An assessor is required to assess a candidates spoken and written English language skills using the CAELT templates and guidelines and then to compile a report and enter the scoring into the assessment system.


Group and corporate CAELTplus clients will usually work with one or more assessors on an on-going basis. Group and corporate assessing is usually done by or senior assessors.


Individual CAELTplus candidates will be appointed an assessor based on their time-zone and the assessor's availability. The majority of CAELTplus assessors will be working with individual candidates.