Become CAELT™ Center

What do CAELT Centers do?

CAELT Centers represent CAELT in their city, country or region. They can act as both an examination center as well a CAELT preparation course provider. Or they can simply provide a secure testing environment and document checking point. These are some of the roles a CAELT Center may fulfill:

  1. Provide information concerning the CAELT assessments to their clients and prospective clients
  2. Provide a secure center and document checking point for candidates where this security option is required
  3. Provide CAELT preparation courses
  4. Provide CAELT Assessors for the CAELTplus written and spoken sections

What you will need

  1. To establish that you are a reputable business capable of carrying out one of more of the functions described above
  2. That you occupy suitable premises for conducting your business
  3. That you have the necessary infrastructure (telephone, fax, high-speed internet connection) to communicate with both CAELT and the candidates
  4. If you are planning to be a physical assessment point, that you have at least one suitable computer available with high-speed internet connection, sound card and speakers/headphone in a room where the candidate can take the assessment with no distractions.
  5. If you are planning to provide your own CAELTplus assessors please read the Becoming a CAELT Assessor section to ensure that you have personnel who are adequately qualified.


How will you benefit

CAELT Centers benefit by:

  1. Being able to provide a new service or services with a new revenue stream for very little overhead or initial outlay
  2. Being marketed through the CAELT network and through CAELT marketing and advertising as a CAELT local center
  3. Sharing assessment revenues with CAELT for each assessment taken through your center or referred by your center (with additional revenues if you provide document checking and assessors for the CAELTplus).