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CAELT currently has 3 versions of the English language skills test. All of our tests are conducted in a secure online environment. Tests are developed in accordance with strict standards-based procedures many of which come from research and guidelines prepared by the Council of Europe. All tests are rigorously pre-tested and validated before being offered to our clients and candidates. Each test has been designed to suit a particular purpose (for a comparison chart of the tests see below) and will respond to an employer's or candidate's particular assessment requirements:



Computer Assessed English Language Test + Assessor based examination of written and spoken English


The CAELTplus tests all skills areas including written and spoken English. Unlike the CAELT and the CAELTquick, the CAELTplus combines the computer-based assessment with a trained examiner to assess the candidates written and spoken English and to provide an in-depth assessor's report and recommendations. The CAELTplus has all of the sections of the CAELT as well as a written task and an interview with an assessor. It takes between 90 and 110 minutes to complete.



Computer Assessed English Language Test


The CAELT (Computer Assesses English Language Test) tests English grammar, vocabulary and usage, reading and listening skills over 4 sections which take approximately 60-80 minutes for a candidate to complete. It is recommended where an in-depth assessment of a candidates basic English language skills is required that is flexible for the employer and candidate and where cost-per-assessment needs to be low.




Computer Assessed English Language Test (short version)


The CAELTquick is a short test covering English grammar, vocabulary and usage, reading and listening skills which takes approximately 20-40 minutes to complete and is suitable for self-assessment or for employers or groups who need an assessment solution that is quick to complete for the candidate and provides a 'snap-shot' overview of their English language skills. It is not recommended where the candidates English language skills need to be assessed for critical tasks or employment where English will be the first language. It is useful as an assessment to set entry levels, for example, to training programs or English language courses.



Comparative Chart of CAELT Examinations

Approx. Completion time 90-110 mins 60-75 mins 20-25 mins
Number of items 190 150 50
Tested skills      
Writing *
Speaking *
Usage and Idioms
Full CAELT Report
WebCheck Access
Trained Assessor Support
Assessor Report
Certificate of Achievement
Summary Report
Online Admin for Groups
Technical Support
* These skills can only be assessed by a trained assessor


Suggested Suitability

If you are taking a CAELT assessment for an organization requiring proof of English language skills, make sure that the requesting organization accepts CAELT band scores. If the organization requires more information about CAELT please point them to this website.
Approx. Completion time 90-110 mins 60-75 mins 20-25 mins
Number of items 190 150 50
Entry into a college or university academic program
Use as an indicator of English language level for immigration to an English speaking country
Employment where English language is the key language for spoken, written and reading tasks.
Language assessment for entry into an English speaking high school or international school.
Employment where English is the key language for reading, listening tasks and non-critical writing and speaking tasks.
Employment where English is an important but non-critical language
Level assessment for an English language training program.
Quick English language assessment to provide a general indication of a candidates English level