CAELT Report and Certificate Validation

Security and authenticated results

For employers, groups or individuals who are concerned about a user's report or certificate authenticity there are several ways that CAELT intervenes to ensure that the candidate registered for the assessment is the one whose report or certificate is being provided. Security is scaleable and is both at a systems level and using our visual and key security measures.


Other measures such as controlled testing environments, real-time webcam photo identifying, identity checks and photo checks can also be provided where there is a requirement for the strictest security.


WebCheck ID and Photo ID




Every assessment report carries a WebCheck ID that can be used by an employer or group to validate a users assessment claim. An employer can enter the WebCheck ID in the secure Employer and Group zone and call up the candidate's full report.


Provision for an optional Photo ID is also made. The user can upload a photo of themselves that is placed within the report to provide visual control evidence at a later date. This is an optional feature as not all users are taking assessments to provide the results to other parties and not all employers or groups require this level of evidence. However, where a candidate is using the assessment to provide proof of English language level to prospective employers or organizations where they are not known we advise them to upload a photograph.


Systems Level Check

At the level of our systems we make a series of 'hidden' checks that match up a candidate's entered data with that gathered by the network using techniques similar to those used to prevent credit card fraud. If there is a mismatch we flag the user for further checks and request further information from them.


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